Every business is different, and we offer a range of bookkeeping services to suit your needs. Here is a selection of some of our most popular services, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we can create something just for you.

£70 month one, then £35 per month thereafter

You're a new business, money is tight but you still need to track your finances. We will spend some time with you, learning about your business and getting your QuickBooks subscription up and running.

From then, you'll complete your own day to day bookkeeping and each month we'll review your entries and figures, then schedule a 30 minute catch up with you to discuss any issues and give you the opportunity to pick our brains on anything (preferably finance and bookkeeping related!).

This price includes your subscription to QuickBooks and a 'cheat sheet' to help you remember how to complete regular transactions.

One man band

From £50 per month

You are the stereotypical box of receipts type - they fit in a shoe box/carrier bag each year but would prefer to give them to someone more frequently, along with bank statements and details of your sales.

We'll work on your books quarterly and complete your self-assessment at the end of the year.

Small business

From £100 per month

You've outgrown the carrier bag and possibly have credit accounts for customers and suppliers that need reconciling. We'll work on your books every month and produce monthly reports so you can keep an eye on your income and expenditure. We'll also complete your self assessment at the year end.

Large Business

We offer bespoke packages for large Limited Companies - we can do all the leg work with regular bookkeeping, monthly reporting and ensuring everything is neat and tidy to hand over to your accountant at year end - we'll even liaise with your accountant to answer any questions they may have.


Up to 5 employees - £38.50
6-14 employees - £60.50
15-24 employees - £82.50
25+ employees - £38.50 for first 5, then £4.00 per payslip
Director only payroll - £18.00
All prices per payrun

Bookkeeping Catch Up

Got behind on your bookkeeping? Have a backlog you need to get caught up? We can help! We'll work through your existing records, then add any missing transactions and ensure all suppliers are reconciled so you know what you owe and reconcile all bank accounts to ensure you are back in working order, then help you get systems in place to ensure you keep your books in tip top shape.

Bookkeeping Clean Up

Have your books become a bit untidy? Do you have balances on suppliers and customers that are not correct so you can't rely on the figures? We can work through your books, ensuring that all suppliers, customers and bank accounts are fully reconciled so you've got reliable figures once more.

Bookkeeping Consultancy

Have you got an in house admin team who enter invoices and expenses, but need support with preparing for VAT & CIS returns, support with queries and help to keep your books in top condition ready to hand over to your accountants at the year end?

Other options

Add these to any package

Monthly CIS Return - £30 per month
VAT Return Check and File Service - £75 per return (invoiced monthly)

(All quoted prices exclude VAT charged at the current rate)

HR & Payroll often work hand in hand but are very different disciplines, because of this we’ve partnered with citrus HR for any clients who need some HR support, either to go with our payroll service or not.

We’ve partnered with citrus HR because they work in the same way as we do – nothing is too much of a problem and there’s always someone there when you need them.

citrus HR provides affordable HR support and time-saving online HR software that helps small, medium, and fast-growing businesses reach their full potential with help from our friendly experts.

It can be difficult for some small businesses to know when they need to bring in HR. If the past couple of years has shown us anything, it is that no matter how small, every business needs trustworthy HR advice and support. Whether this is for specific HR enquires or guidance for staying on the right side of UK employment law, citrus HR has your back.

We provide expert HR advice whenever you need it, and our HR software helps save you time on holiday bookings, payroll, expenses management, time-tracking and much more.

We’re here to help you get it right – sensibly, affordably, and stress-free!

For more information visit or ask us to introduce you!

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