Case Study

A medium sized Limited company where a full time bookkeeper is not needed and where our consultancy services prove to be an invaluable investment

The Client:
A medium sized limited company (>£2m turnover) contacted me to support their admin assistant. She was confident raising sales invoices from, and entering purchasing invoices into Quickbooks, but had no real knowledge of VAT or more complex bookkeeping transactions. 
The Action: 
The admin assistant continues to handle the day to day data entry element of the bookkeeping function, whilst we deal with posting bank feed transactions and reconciling the bank accounts monthly. We post the payroll journal, review postings for accuracy and complete VAT checks before we file the VAT return. 
The Outcome: 
The client is able to place reliance on their figures with peace of mind VAT is being paid/reclaimed correctly without investing in bookkeeping training for a member of staff whose duties predominately lie elsewhere. Our input also means a reduction in the time taken on (and cost of!) their year end accounts production by their accountant. 
Our services mean a reduction in the amount of year end queries raised by their accountant as we are able to deal with anomalies/potential issues throughout the year.
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